After controversies, once again Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon did a jungle safari with the family of Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister.


Narmadapuram: Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon has once again reached the Satpura Tiger Reserve in Narmadapuram district to enjoy the jungle safari after the controversy over getting close to the tiger. This time along with Raveena Tandon, the family members of the Forest Minister of Madhya Pradesh were also present. Film actress Raveena Tandon reached Satpura Tiger Reserve on the night of 22 December, where she rested the night at Dhapada Lodge and went on a jungle safari early the next day.

During the safari, Raveena got to see two different tigers. The first tiger was seen walking in front of Raveena’s gypsy, while the second tiger was seen coming out of the forest, crossing the culvert on the forest road. Raveena shot photos and videos of Tiger during the safari and shared them on her Twitter account. Let me tell you, last month also Raveena Tandon did a jungle safari in Churna Jungle of Tiger Reserve, during which her gypsy came very close to the tiger, due to which there was a lot of controversy.