Bank Rupee Co-Operative Bank Limited is about to be closed


Another bank is going to close soon. Action has been taken on this bank for not following the rules of the Reserve Bank. The license of this bank has been canceled by the Reserve Bank of India. The name of this bank is Rupee Co-Operative Bank Limited. The customers of this bank have time till 22 September 2022. After this date, customers will not be able to withdraw money deposited in the bank. In fact, the Reserve Bank of India has taken action against this Pune-based bank for ignoring the rules. RBI keeps on taking such action on banks that do not follow the rules. Licenses of some banks are also cancelled. Similar action has been taken against Pune’s Rupee Co-Operative Bank. The Reserve Bank of India had issued a press release on August 10, saying that the license of Pune’s Rupee Co-Operative Bank Limited would be canceled after six weeks from the said date. . After that all the branches of the bank will be closed. This deadline is set to expire on 22 September 2022.