‘Billionaire Gucci master’ Ramon Abbas sentenced to 11 years in fraud case


Nigerian Ramon Abbas, popularly known as ‘Billionaire Guchi Master’ on Instagram, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison by a US court for fraud. Abbas has been found guilty of theft, hacking and money laundering. Ramon Abbas, 40, was sentenced on Monday to 135 months in prison in Los Angeles. He was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering in April 2021. The ‘billionaire Gucci master’ was accused of helping North Korean hackers steal more than $1.3 billion through cybercrime, launder money and engage in bank robbery.

Ramon Abbas used to flaunt his wealth on social media as @hushpuppi and ‘Billionaire Gucci Master’. An Instagram influencer has been ordered to spend 11 years in US prison for her role in a global theft and money-laundering scandal. According to media reports, Abbas has confessed to the crime, so the right of appeal against the sentence given to him has been limited. However, he can still appeal against the sentence within a limited range.

Ramon Abbas was born in Nigeria. He has more than 20 lakh followers on Instagram. He is the ‘magician’ of this social site. He became very popular with his posts and pictures. Abbas, who showed magic on Instagram, was seen in a prison dress and handcuffs. He told the judge that he was in great financial trouble in 2019. At the same time some associates instigated him for money laundering. Was upset, so accepted the offer. Abbas apologized to the victims of his fraud and promised to repay their money by selling his valuable cars like two Rolls Royce, a Ferrari and a Range Rover.