Bird flu spread in many areas of Kottayam…


Kerala: Amidst the ongoing apprehensions about Corona in the country, there has been news of bird flu outbreak from Kerala. The outbreak of bird flu has been confirmed in three different panchayats of Kottayam district of the state. After this more than 6,000 birds were killed. Most of them are ducks.

According to the Kottayam administration, a total of 6,017 birds, mostly ducks, were killed on Saturday in Vechur, Ninadur and Arpukara villages and panchayats in the district. According to the Kottayam district administration, around 133 ducks and 156 chickens were killed in Vechur, 2,753 ducks in Ninadur and 2,975 in Arpukara. Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a highly contagious zoonotic disease. On the other hand, the administration of Lakshadweep has banned the transportation of frozen chicken from Kerala in view of the outbreak of bird flu.