Britain’s currency changes after Queen Elizabeth’s death


The Bank of England has revealed the design of the King Charles III Bank Note on 20 December. These notes are expected to come by the middle of 2024. According to the central bank, the King’s photo will appear on the current designs of all four polymer bank notes (£5, £10, £20 and £50), with no other changes to the existing designs. Let’s tell what information has been given by the bank about these notes.

The queen died on 8 September

The King’s photo will appear on the front of the bank notes, as well as in a cameo in the transparent security window. Charles, 74, became king in September following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died on 8 September. The bank said that in accordance with the guidance of the royal household, efforts have been made to reduce the environmental and financial impact of this change. The new bank notes will be printed only to replace the old notes and to meet the overall increase in demand for bank notes.

About 10 years old photo on the note

The new notes feature an engraved portrait of Charles based on a photograph owned by the royal family and made available in 2013, the Bank of England told AFP news agency. With the design “finalised in recent months” and approved by the King, the note will be mass-produced from the first half of 2023. Governor Andrew Bailey said I am very proud that the bank will accept our new bank notes. Issuing the design, which will feature a portrait of King Charles III. This is an important moment, as the king is only the second monarch to appear on our banknotes. People will be able to use these new notes after they come into circulation in 2024.