Car hit two youths in Burhanpur, one died on the spot


Burhanpur. The speeding vehicles running on the Indore-Ichhapur-Akola National Highway passing through Burhanpur city are unable to be controlled. Because of which accidents come to the fore every day. At three o’clock on Saturday afternoon, a speeding car hit two transport workers near Shanwara intersection. Due to which a Hammal died on the spot. The second is also said to be injured. The deceased has been identified as Mohammad Iqbal, a resident of Rajghat Naya Mohalla. The name of the injured is not known. Local shopkeepers told that both Hammal used to work in a transport near Shanwara Power House. They had gone to drink tea shortly before the incident. Returning from there, he was standing on the roadside and talking. Meanwhile, a speeding car hit him. Eyewitnesses of the incident say that an icer vehicle passing through here hit the white car. When the driver of that car turned the vehicle in order to escape, the red colored car number MP 09 WH 9534 collided. Due to which the car became uncontrolled and collided with the Hummals. The Kotwali police has started investigating the matter by sending the dead body for postmortem. After the accident, the car driver fled leaving the vehicle. This vehicle is registered in the name of Devdutt Phalke, a resident of Silicon City, Indore.

Intersection signals not working properly

Shanwara square is the busiest square of the city. Signals have been installed here for the traffic system, but they are not working properly. New signals were installed a few months back to replace the damaged old signals, but they are also not working properly. It is the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation to maintain them. Due to not getting the correct signal information from a distance, the drivers increase the speed of the vehicles in order to leave early. Due to which accidents happen.