Carcasses of 5 cattle found in nursery, fear of killing them by poisoning…


In Chhattisgarh’s Korba, 5 cattle died in the nursery in front of the veterinary center. When people saw the dead body on Thursday morning, they informed the Veterinary Department and the police. The circumstances under which the cattle died, however, could not be ascertained. On the other hand, veterinarians have expressed the possibility of killing the cattle by giving poison. The matter is of Hardibazar Chowki area.

The carcasses of five cattle were found in the nursery in front of the Veterinary Center in Hardibazar. Cattle include three bulls, one cow and one calf. On getting information, a crowd of people gathered on the spot. Veterinary officers also reached on getting information. Veterinary officer PR Kurre said that they reached there after getting information from the villagers. Carcasses of five cattle have been found in different places in the same posture. There was also foam coming out of his mouth. At present the post-mortem of the cattle is being done. The real cause of death will be known only after his report is received. At the same time, the police is also investigating the matter at its level.