Chhattisgarhi language is simple and sweet, by communicating with it, villagers can be explained quickly


Bilaspur: The basic principle of NALSA is justice for all, this program is being organized with the aim of making the advocates competent and aware to implement it. Many public welfare schemes of NALSA are going on, so that by acquiring knowledge through this training, the officers can benefit from it to the general public. Advocates do not have to play the role of being a referral, but any needy person who needs help should be given relief directly through the court or forum, advocates use simple languages ​​to communicate in this work, Chhattisgarhi is a very sweet language. By communicating with this, villagers can be explained quickly and easily. The terminology of the law remains difficult, the above idea, the Executive Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Gautam Bhaduri, under the joint aegis of Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority and High Court Advocates Association, Bilaspur, organized a one-day training and orientation program for the advocates of the High Court. Expressed at the beginning. The said program was organized in the auditorium of the State Legal Services Authority, Old High Court building.

Hon’ble Justice Sir has studied the rules and schemes made in relation to children’s rights, raising the morale of children in POCSO Act matters, family disputes, matters related to seniors, mental patients etc. and without hesitation from his senior advocates. There is something to be said for advice. Justice Sir told Legal Services Authority’s toll-free number 15100, YouTube channel public consciousness, in which to take advantage of legal information prepared by judicial officers on various subjects and permanent Lok Adalat, public utility services including, electricity, water, hospital, telephone, transport etc. There is talk of getting information regarding the matters related to and to benefit the general public. Apart from this, while studying books to teach knowledge to young advocates, he talked about limited use of artificial intelligence like mobile. He said that the Defense Council system of Bilaspur has been appreciated all over the country, hence it is being started by NALSA at many places across the country. Defense council system will soon be established in 18 districts of Chhattisgarh.

Program welcome address The President of the High Court, Shri Abdul Wahab Khan said that this type of Volunteer Advocates program is the first effort in India, which is definitely going to prove to be a milestone in the future. This type of training program is necessary from time to time in order to get enough information itself, so that the advocate can do excellent work in the legal field. He said that where the word service comes, the work should be done with the mind, so we have to carry forward this work with the aim of service with the mind.

Senior advocates Mr. Abhishek Sinha, Mr. Rajiv Srivastava, Mr. Ranveer Singh Marhas, Deepali Pandey were present as guest speakers in the program. Shri Siddharth Aggarwal, Member Secretary, Shri Shashank Shekhar Dubey, Legal Aid Officer, Senior Advocate and a large number of Volunteer Advocates were present in the program. The program was conducted by Kamini Jaiswal, Under Secretary.