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cold nights in the state


Updated on 27 Nov, 2022 12:45 PM IST BY KHABARBHARAT24.CO.IN

Bhopal . The coolness has increased in the night in Madhya Pradesh. The normal weather during the day has started becoming chilly by the evening due to the effect of cold winds. For the first time in the season in the state, the mercury has gone below four and a half degrees. This time a temperature of 4.4 degrees Celsius was recorded in Pachmarhi. The night temperature was recorded below 10 degrees in 14 districts of the state. An alert has been issued for cold wave in Jabalpur Chhatarpur Balaghat.
According to the report of the Meteorological Center, the weather of the state remained dry in the last 24 hours. There was effect of cold wave in Jabalpur and Malajkhand. There was no significant change in the minimum temperature. The night temperature remained below normal across the state, the districts of Jabalpur division recorded much lower temperature than normal. The forecast of the Meteorological Department for the next 24 hours says that the weather will remain dry in all the districts of the state. There is a possibility of cold wave at some places in Jabalpur Chhatarpur Balaghat districts. For this, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning with a yellow alert. According to the data of the Meteorological Department, the temperature continues to fluctuate. The night para has reached 4.4 degrees. And the maximum temperature is hovering around 30 degrees. Pachmarhi remained the coldest in the state. Pachmarhi 4.4 Naugaon 6.4 Umaria 6.6 Mandla-Chhindwara 8 Jabalpur-Raisen 8.4 Gwalior 8.8 Datia 8.9 Rajgarh 9.3 Guna 9.5 Rewa 9.6 Satna 9.9 Ujjain recorded a minimum temperature of 10 degrees. There was a slight drop in the maximum temperature. Khargone was the hottest in the state. 30.8 in Khargone, 30 in Damoh, 29.6 in Khandwa, 29.5 in Ujjain, 29.2 in Shivpuri, 29 in Mandla, 28.9 in Gwalior-Narmadapuram, 28.7 in Chhindwara, 28.3 in Nagaon-Ratlam, 28.2 in Satna, the maximum temperature remained 28 degrees. According to meteorologists, cold winds are coming from North India, but due to the effect of an anti-cyclone over Rajasthan, the direction of winds is sometimes becoming northern and sometimes eastern after coming to Madhya Pradesh. Due to this the temperature is fluctuating. A new Western Disturbance is becoming active on November 29, due to which the wind direction may turn western. As a result, the temperature of the night may rise again.