Composite ID is now mandatory for caste certificate


Bhopal . Now it has been made mandatory for the services of caste certificates to have a composite ID. The District Manager of Public Service Guarantee said that the applications of caste at the Public Service Guarantee Center set up in the tehsils of the district are Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Vimukt, Nomads and Semi-nomadic castes. It has been made live on the Backward Classes Manual Demukt, Nomad and Semi Nomadic Blood Relation caste applications Blood Relation Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes Blood Relation Other Backward Classes and Blood Relation Vimukt, Nomad and Ardh Nomad portal. On the other hand, farmers and general public do not need to go to Patwari to get land rights loan book. For the convenience of the general public, the land rights loan book has been made online. Any person can get his land rights loan book from the nearest Kiosk Center or Common Service Center or his own Android mobile by paying the prescribed fee of Rs. Keeping in mind the convenience of the farmers, the Revenue Department is promoting e-technology, so that farmers and common people do not have to make rounds of Tehsil and Patwari. Years ago, it was a difficult task for the common man and the farmers to get a copy of their account. Keeping in mind the problems of the public, innovative experiments related to public convenience are being done by changing the rules of the Revenue Department. The revenue department has appealed to the farmers to conveniently take advantage of the changes made through e-technique and avoid the hassle. It has been decided by the government to make available the copy of Khasra, V-1 and loan book of their account to the farmers or the general public on WhatsApp. For the convenience of the common man, the land purchase and sale (registry) in the state has also been made easy by the integration of the land records portal. Sampada Portal and Revenue Case Management Portal have been integrated. The public has been given the facility to verify the land at the time of registry and at the same time a case is registered for the conversion. As soon as the registration is done on the SAMPADA portal, the nomination is automatically registered on the Revenue Case Management Portal and the date of the appearance is also fixed. Citizens are getting attested copies of computerized revenue records through authorized service providers or web portals. The Assistant Superintendent of Land Records said that as per the agreement made by the Commissioner Land Records, IT Center operated by M/s Bhopal E-Governance Limited Bhopal and Public Service Center and MP operated by Public Service Management Department. Online Kiosk Centers are presently providing copies of revenue records to the general public at a prescribed fee. Under the notified services of the Revenue Department under the Public Service Guarantee Act by the Public Service Management Department, applicants are getting computerized revenue record copy on application through CM Janseva telephone number 181.