Confidential brainstorming of the union will start… the blueprint will be ready


Bhopal . The recently concluded panchayat and urban body elections in the state are being considered as a semi-final before the assembly elections to be held next year. After the election results, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has started brainstorming. After the Deepawali meeting of the Sangh, there is a possibility of a big disturbance in the power and organization in MP. In which some new ministers will take oath on the basis of regional and caste equations, as well as some faces will be changed in BJP. So far, the Sangh has been avoiding direct interference in the selection of candidates in every election, but this time the Sangh has directly played a role in the selection of some BJP candidates. Even in making them win, the Sangh put forth full force. Now that the election situation is clear. The BJP has performed exceptionally well in both the elections. Despite this, on the basis of the election results, the Sangh is churning and preparing the strategy for the next assembly elections. Union sources say that meetings are a normal process in the union, but through these meetings, a report is prepared on the feedback on the work. Which is discussed in the Holi-Deepawali meetings held twice a year. Changes take place only on the basis of the decisions taken after discussion in these meetings. The source has clarified that, however, these meetings have nothing to do with the BJP.

Focus on Dalit-Adivasi faces
The Sangh will work to make inroads among Dalits and Adivasis till the next assembly elections. Along with this, the leaders of both the classes will be given importance in the organization. Perhaps by November, a Dalit or tribal leader in MP BJP can get a big responsibility. It is not yet clear what the level of responsibility will be. Sources reveal that the Sangh will emphasize on social harmony in Gwalior-Chambal and scheduled districts.

Chances of cabinet expansion increased
The possibility of expansion in Shivraj’s cabinet has increased. At present there are 30 ministers including the Chief Minister. In such a situation, 4 MLAs can become ministers. Also some ministers can be removed. The special thing is that neither a minister will be made nor removed on the basis of any MLA’s performance. Ministers will be made and removed only on the basis of caste, region and class. There is also a possibility of appointment in half a dozen corporation-boards before December. Some names have also been recommended by the union.