Confusion still persists regarding the selection of Chief Secretary in Madhya Pradesh


Bhopal . There is still confusion regarding the selection of the Chief Secretary in Madhya Pradesh. The central government is not yet ready to oust Anurag Jain, who is leading the race for the post of Chief Secretary. Meanwhile, efforts are also underway to increase the tenure of the present Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains. It is believed that if the tenure of Bains is not extended, then 1987 batch IAS officer Ajay Tirkey can also be made the administrative head of the state. On the basis of seniority also, Tirkey is at number three. Iqbal Singh Bains will retire this month. Sanjay Kumar Singh is on the second number, he will also retire next month in December. At number three is Ajay Tirkey, he is on central deputation since 2017 and is currently Secretary, Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development. Ajay Tirkey will retire in November 2023. Accordingly, he will have a tenure of one year. Here the names of 1988-89 batch officers are also in discussions. Among these, 1989 batch IAS officers Anurag Jain and Mohammad Suleman are being told strong possibilities for the post of Chief Secretary.

Tirkey’s name came due to tribal agenda

The assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh are to be fought on the tribal agenda in the year 2023. The government has started political mobilization regarding this, but this formula has not yet been adopted in the administrative mobilization. According to experts and senior officials with administrative understanding in the state government, keeping the elections in mind, the BJP will benefit in the upcoming assembly elections by becoming the chief secretary of Ajay Tirkey. According to this, the chances of Tirkey becoming the Chief Secretary are high. Please tell that Ajay Tirkey’s home state is Bihar and he also comes from the tribal class.

Batch – Officer – Current Posting – Home State – Education

1985 – Iqbal Singh Bains – Chief Secretary – Chandigarh – B.Sc (Electronic Engineering)

1988- Ajay Tirkey – Secretary Government of India – Bihar – MBA, PGDPPM

1989- Anurag Jain – Secretary Government of India – MP Gwalior – B.Tech, MA Public Administration

1989- Mohammad Suleman- ACS Health, Uttar Pradesh- MSc (Civil Engineering) Medical Education-