Congress may break if non-Gandhi is made president: Pramod Tiwari


Jaipur . Rajya Sabha MP and CWC member Pramod Tiwari has advocated for a member of the Gandhi family to be the next party chief, amid ongoing discussions over the election of Congress President. Tiwari has expressed apprehension of a breakdown in the party if a non-Gandhi is made the president. Speaking to the media at the Congress headquarters in Jaipur, Tiwari said the schedule for the election of the Congress President has been announced and anyone who wants to file nominations can file their nominations.
Contrary to the opinion of the Congressmen, it is my personal wish that the Gandhi family should lead. The president should be from the Gandhi family. This is because if the Gandhi family does not lead, factionalism may emerge in the party. Tiwari, however, avoided a question as to who should be made the president between Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi. In fact, before Tiwari, many leaders had advocated for a member of the Gandhi family to be made the Congress President.
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said many times that Rahul Gandhi should become the party president. Many ministers and leaders of Rajasthan have also given open statements about making Rahul Gandhi the president. Gehlot’s name also came in the discussion for the president, but he himself is advocating for making Rahul Gandhi the party chief.