Congressmen engaged in understanding the mind of the public in Gandhi Chaupal


Bhopal . The program of Gandhi Chaupals has been prepared by the Congress to understand the problems of the common man and to understand the mind of the people. There is a plan to set up 23 thousand such chaupals in the state. They have already started. Congress leaders are listening to their problems by setting up chaupals in area-wise villages and are also promising to solve them. During this, the failures of the state government are also being counted.
Congress is trying to gauge the pulse of the common man through chaupals. In the state, the Congress has selected 23 thousand panchayats for this. Organizing Gandhi Chaupals has been started. The Congress organization is trying to prepare the report-card of the present government from the ground level. The party is also preparing to test the self-confidence of its leaders. So that in the summer of 2023, there will be no confusion. The state high command is aware that its leader Bhai Saheb is all right, he is forming his 100 percent government. It is almost a year’s time, so the parallel team of the organization is being engaged in this work to verify the veracity. On the same pretext, those flaws of the government can also fall in the hands of the opposition, which usually do not reach the highest level. During the Choupal, the villagers are also being made aware of how the present government is doing malpractices, which are not reaching them. Congress is paying more attention to rural areas.