Consumers are suffering for 25 days, not one fault of power companies


Bhopal . Electricity distribution companies, which have made irregularities in electricity bills, are now making rounds of consumers to get them rectified. In the past, whenever consumers claimed discrepancies in bills and demanded rectification, they were rectified within half an hour after visiting the nearest zone office. Some bills required scrutiny, even then it did not take more than a day. At that time, these powers were with the assistant engineers and junior engineers posted on the zone. Now these powers have been given to the Superintending Engineer. Due to which the process of rectification has become complicated and the correction is taking from 25 days to a month. In fact, the power distribution companies have snatched the right to rectify the bills from the assistant engineer and junior engineer and given it to the superintendent. Now consumers apply in the zone as before, but their applications are now sent from the zone to the divisional office and from there the superintending engineer’s office is sent. Then after getting permission for rectification from there, the mistake in the bills is being rectified.

Till then other bills come to the consumers’ homes.
Consumers say it takes time. Not only this, many times the next month’s bills come before the old bill is rectified. In this process of improvement, one has to visit the zone office again and again. Earlier, these corrections used to take place between half an hour in the zone office. There was no need to even wander.

Confused system implemented in all three companies
This system has been implemented in all the three power companies including Central Zone Electricity Company. In the districts of Bhopal, Narmadapuram, Gwalior and Sagar divisions of Central Zone Electricity Company, consumers are getting very upset.

secretly implemented changes
By the way, electricity distribution companies share information about every changes and new arrangements with the consumers. But the important information that changed the rules related to the correction of bills has been hidden and implemented by the company. Now the consumers are getting upset and are making rounds from the zone offices to the superintendent’s office. However, the company claims that it has taken this step due to transparency.