Country does not run on films, work will be done afresh for city bus: Dahria


Bilaspur. Urban Bodies Minister Dr. Shiv Dahria says that the country does not run by films, but has to work. He said that fresh work will be done for the city bus.
Speaking to reporters at the Circuit House, Mr. Dahria, who reached Bilaspur on his short stay, said that the government is running many schemes and people are getting benefits from it. Rs 7 crore has been given to build a road in Bilaspur, soon the road construction work will be done. Apart from this, work will be done to provide basic facilities in the villages which have been added to Bilaspur Municipal Corporation. On the question asked about the city bus, he said that work will be done for this, as the whole system came to a standstill due to Corona. Regarding the film Kashmir Files, he said that the film is incomplete and half the things have been shown. Facts have been hidden, not everything has been shown. When Pandits were being driven away from there, VP Singh was the Prime Minister in the country and the government was running at the center with the help of BJP. At that time Rajiv Gandhi had staged a sit-in in front of the Parliament regarding this issue. It was done only after that. But this country is not run by films. During the question and answer, Shiv Dahria said that there is no storm of Modi anywhere, we will win Khairagarh. PM Modi lies like Hitler and his minister.