Criticism of South African minister’s objectionable statement on minors being pregnant


Cape Town . A large number of underage school girls from South African countries have become pregnant during the lockdown implemented during the Corona period. During the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in such cases in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Malawi, Madagascar, South Africa and Zambia. There is a discussion all over the world about a large number of schoolgirls getting pregnant. Meanwhile, the objectionable statement given by a South African minister about girls is also being fiercely criticized. Phofi Ramathuba is the regional health minister in the South African province of Limpopo. He made this controversial remark while visiting a secondary school. He had used objectionable words regarding the problem of increasing pregnancies in girls. The minister had even asked to repeat his controversial words while addressing the children.

According to South African media, this video was shared on social media, after which it started going viral. Users have also criticized Minister Phofi Ramathuba a lot. He alleges that why did the minister target only girls in this objectionable statement. After which the minister clarified that his statement was also for the boys. He claimed that school girls were being lured with expensive wigs and smartphones. Older men are involved in this work. South African opposition leader Sivive Gwarube condemned the minister’s statement. He said that the minister had a good opportunity to talk to the school children and convince them, but instead of having a meaningful conversation, he put undue pressure on the girls and convicted them.

Social activists and Zimbabwean officials said poverty affected people especially during the Corona period. Due to this a large number of people got their girls married. Many girls were also victims of sexual abuse. Taungana Ndoro, an education official in Zimbabwe, said the government, facing rising numbers, had to wait until August 2020 to change the law. The Zimbabwean government has long banned pregnant girl students from attending schools and colleges. The government then argued that it was necessary for a developing nation to do so, but this policy was not successful. Due to this decision of the government, most of the girls did not return to school. Poverty, illiteracy, fear of stigma overwhelm the families so much that they hesitated to send their daughters to school.