Crusher plant owner’s neck in land dispute, accused arrested


In Raigad district of Chhattisgarh, an angry person killed the owner of a crusher plant due to dust coming in the field and not increasing the compensation amount. The accused killed the crusher plant operator in his own mine itself. The accused has made several blows on the neck and face of the mine owner with an ax., Due to which he died on the spot. The accused had fled after committing the crime., Whom the police arrested late in the evening. Here the news of the murder of the mine owner spread sensation in the entire area. Traders and businessmen closed commercial establishments expressing outrage.

According to information received from Kharsia Police Station, Rajesh Agrawal, resident of Kharsia (54) Father Ramulal Agarwal has a stone quarry and crusher plant in Banipathar. He is also involved in contracting and land business. He had reached the mine by car on Saturday. During this, there was a dispute with the farm owner Dhobilal Mawar in the crusher plant itself regarding dust coming in the land and increasing the compensation amount. Angry Dhobilal attacked the crusher operator Rajesh with an ax. The accused inflicted several blows on Rajesh’s neck and face with a sharp ax, Due to which he died on the spot.

Police had formed teams to arrest the accused , On receiving the information, SDOP Nimisha Pandey and SP station in-charge Sumantram Sahu reached the spot along with the team. During interrogation and investigation, it was found that there has been a dispute over the land many times with Dhobilal, the farm owner adjacent to the mine. When the police team was sent to trace Dhobilal, when it came to know that he was absconding, then the whole suspicion was on him. The police searched him by forming a police team of different police stations. The accused was hiding in the forest of Banipathar. Accused Dhobilal has confessed to the crime and has told that he had committed murder due to enmity in the land dispute.