Disgusting conspiracy was done to fail the samples of Patanjali Cow’s native Ghee


New Delhi . Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Friday claimed that there was a nefarious conspiracy in Uttarakhand to defame his company Patanjali’s indigenous cow ghee. On the basis of false, illegal and fabricated criteria, a sample of authentic Patanjali Cow’s Desi Ghee was shown to have failed. He said that the company got the indigenous ghee of Patanjali cow tested from the authorized lab, which met all the standards. Baba Ramdev said that there is a need to change the standard of ghee, as the existing standards are insufficient to test the purity of homemade ghee. Baba said that in October last year, a sample of batch number BKD-21158 of Patanjali Ghee was picked up. It was tested from the lab of Rudrapur in Uttarakhand. On March 30, 2022, the company was informed about the sample failure. After appealing by us, the sample of the same batch was tested in National Food Laboratories of Ghaziabad. In this the RM value came out to be 29.24 which was the best. The lab at Rudrapur was not authorized by NABL to conduct such tests. He alleged that in Rudrapur’s lab, the fabric of fatty acids was fabricated in a fabricated way. According to the notification of the Central Government dated December 27, 2021, the fatty acid norm is to be implemented from June 30, 2024. Patanjali’s ghee was shown to have failed by implementing it before this time and making it a standard different from the set norms of FSSAI. This value is not available in home-made ghee and there should be a change in this standard. We got the indigenous ghee of Patanjali cow tested on all the parameters of fatty acids from the authorized lab. The indigenous ghee of Patanjali Cow met all the standards.