Do listen to this story today on Mokshada Ekadashi


Today the festival of Mokshada Ekadashi is being celebrated and it is going to be celebrated tomorrow i.e. on 4th December. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the story of Mokshada Ekadashi.

Story of Mokshada Ekadashi- According to legend, Gokul Nagar was ruled by a king named Vaikhanas.

One day he saw in a dream that his father was in hell and was suffering. As soon as morning he called the scholars in his court and told them about his dream. The king told that his father said that he was lying in hell. They are suffering different types of suffering here. You free me from the sufferings of hell. The king said that ever since he saw this dream, he was very upset and worried. The king told all the scholars that all of you should suggest a solution to this problem, so that he could free his father from the sufferings of hell.

If the son cannot free his father from such a situation, then his life is in vain. Only a good son can save his ancestors. After listening to the king, all the scholars said that there is an ashram of Parvat Rishi at some distance from here. He is trikaldarshi. He must have a solution to this problem. The king reached the hermitage of Parvat Rishi the next day. When he bowed down, the mountain sage asked the reason for coming. After taking the seat, the king told all his words to the mountain sage. Then Parvat Rishi saw his father’s whole life with his tapobal.

Parvat Rishi told the king that he has come to know about the sin committed by your father. In his previous birth, being influenced by lust, he gave Rati to one wife, but did not give Ritudan to the second wife on the advice of his step-in-law. Because of that sinful act, they are suffering in hell. On this the king asked the way to get rid of it. Then Parvat Rishi said that you should observe Mokshada Ekadashi fast methodically and resolve its virtuous fruit in the name of your father. This will free your father from hell. When Mokshada Ekadashi came, the king duly observed fast and worshipped. Then, as told, his virtuous fruit was resolved in the name of the father. They were freed from the effect of that virtuous fruit. He told his son that you may be well. After this he went to heaven. Whoever observes this fast, he attains salvation.