Encourage farmers to cultivate horticulture crops in the state: Minister Ravindra Choubey


Raipur: Agriculture and Water Resources Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey today duly inaugurated the office of Chhattisgarh State Shakambhari Board in Indira Gandhi Agricultural University campus Labhandi (Jora) by cutting the tape. On this occasion, Shri Ramkumar Patel, Chairman of Shakambhari Board, members Sarvshree Dukhvaram Patel, Anurag Patel, Hari Patel, Pawan Patel, Director of Horticulture Shri Matheswaran V., Secretary of the Board Shri Narayan Singh Lavatre congratulated the people present on Maa Shakambhari Jayanti and Best wishes. On this occasion officers-employees of Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and Horticulture Department and officials of Marar-Patel Samaj and a large number of people were present.

Minister Shri Choubey said that people of Chhattisgarh celebrate Chherchera festival and Shakambhari Jayanti.

There is a special importance in life. It is a festival of rich charity and social harmony. This festival of giving and receiving charity ends the feeling of discrimination and arrogance of big and small. He said that Maa Shakambhari is adorned with vegetables and vegetables and worshiped. He said that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has declared a holiday in the state on the occasion of Chherchera Shakambhari Jayanti. In Chhattisgarh, the Shakambhari Board has been formed to encourage the farmers doing vegetable and vegetable cultivation and to get the benefits of the schemes of the government. Four members including Chairman Shri Ramkumar Patel have also been appointed. He said that its objective is to promote the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and spices in the state and to improve the financial condition of the farmers. He said that increasing production of vegetables and fruits will promote eutrophication.

Minister Shri Choubey further said that the intention of the Chief Minister is to promote the cultivation of horticulture crops in the state. He appealed to the office bearers of Shakambhari Board to work wholeheartedly to fulfill the intention of the Chief Minister. Motivate and encourage farmers for horticulture farming and make them benefit from departmental schemes. Minister Shri Choubey appealed to the farmers to connect the farmers with the cultivation of greens and vegetables through the Nadi-Cachar scheme run by the Horticulture Department. He said that cultivation of horticulture crops should be promoted in clusters. It will be more profitable to cultivate horticulture crops in different areas of the state depending on the weather, climate and soil there. Minister Shri Choubey said that the area and production of horticulture crops has increased due to the efforts of the State Government in the last three years. Under the Suraji Gaon Yojna Se Bari program, about 2 lakh fences have been developed in the state.

Chairman of Shakambhari Board, Shri Ramkumar Patel said that due to farmer-friendly policies of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the cultivation of horticulture along with food grains has been encouraged in the state. He thanked Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel for the decision to include horticulture crops in the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana and to give an input subsidy of Rs. 9 thousand per acre to the farmers cultivating fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices. Chairman Shri Patel said that by forming Shakambhari Board and declaring a holiday for Mother Shakambhari Jayanti, the Chief Minister has enhanced the value of Marar-Patel society. He said that horticulture crops are getting a boost due to the decision of the state government to give input subsidy. He said that under Suraji Gaon Yojana Se Bari Development Program, a total of 2,00,013 gardens have been developed in all the development blocks of the state for the villagers and farmers and the rural farmers are growing vegetables and fruits and flowers here. 990 community gardens have been set up for the production of vegetables and fruits in the Gauthans of the state. The total area under horticulture crops and fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers, medicines and aromatics in the state has now increased to 8,61,603 hectares and production has increased to 1,04,28,053 metric tonnes. The area under horticulture has increased by 327 percent and production has increased by 494 percent. At the national level, Chhattisgarh state ranks 12th in the production of horticulture crops.

Earlier, Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey, Chairman of Shakambhari Board, Shri Ramkumar Patel and all the office bearers worshiped Maa Shakambhari and participated in the Havan. At the beginning of the program, the guests including Minister Shri Ravinder Choubey were welcomed with a bouquet. The Chairman and members of Shakambhari Board honored the Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey by presenting him a shawl and a picture of Maa Shakambhari on this occasion.