For this reason, the bell is installed at the entrance of the temple.


It is said that the bell must be ringed while worshiping. It is believed that by this God wakes up and hears your prayers. But we are telling you here that ringing the bell is not only related to God, but it also has a scientific effect. This is the reason why the bell is always set at the entrance of the temple.
Scientific reason behind ringing the bell
Be it a temple at home or a religious place. There is a bell there. There are religious reasons behind this, but it also has a scientific effect on our lives. Scientists say that when the bell is rung, vibrations are created in the atmosphere, which travels a long distance due to the atmosphere. The advantage of this vibration is that all the bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms coming in its area are destroyed, thereby purifying the surrounding environment.
This is the reason that in places where the sound of bell ringing regularly, the atmosphere of that place always remains pure and holy. For this reason, people also install wind chimes on their doors and windows, so that negative energies can be removed from their sound. Removing negativity opens doors to prosperity
These are the advantages
Ringing the bell makes you appear before the gods. According to the belief, by ringing the bell, consciousness is awakened in the idols of the deities installed in the temple, after which their worship and worship becomes more fruitful and effective.
The captivating and delectable sound of the bell has the power to take the mind and the mind towards spirituality. The mind feels at peace by connecting with the rhythm of the bell. By ringing the bell in the temple, even the sins of many human births are destroyed. In the morning and evening, whenever there is a puja or aarti in the temple, the bells are played with a rhythm and special melody, which gives a feeling of peace and divine presence to the people present there.
When the creation began, the sound that resonated. The same sound comes even when the bell is ringing. The bell symbolizes that sound. The same sound is also awakened by the pronunciation of ‘Omkar’. Somewhere it is also written that when the catastrophe comes, at that time also the same sound will resonate. The bell or bell outside the temple is also considered a symbol of time.