German dictator Hitler’s watch auctioned for more than 80 million


Washington. German dictator Adolf Hitler’s watch has been sold at an auction house in Maryland, USA. The watch was expected to sell for between $2 and 4 million as a World War II relic, but could only sell for $1.1 million, or more than Rs 8 crore. In this watch, there is a swastika symbol and AH is written. It was auctioned by Alexander Historical Auction. This watch was probably gifted to Hitler on his 44th birthday on 20 April 1933. According to the information, there are three dates in the clock, the date of birth of Hitler, the date when he became chancellor and the day the Nazi party won the election in March 1933. According to the auction house, the watch was acquired as a souvenir after about 30 French soldiers stormed Berghof.
At the same time, the auction of this watch has been strongly condemned by Jewish leaders. A letter signed by 34 Jewish leaders described the sale of the watch as ‘disgusting’. He said the sale helped those who ideally stood for the Nazi Party. However, Auction House President Bill Panagopulos defended the auction, saying the watch was bought by a European Jew.
The auction house said that the purpose of the sale of Hitler’s watch was to preserve history. Best-selling items are kept in private collections or donated to Holocaust museums. Senior Vice President Mindy Greenstein said whether history is good or bad it must be preserved, if you destroy history there will be no evidence left.