Give 20 lakhs, otherwise you will blow up Ranchi airport with a bomb for the third time in four days


New Delhi . On Monday, a bomb threat was issued to the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, Jharkhand for the third time. This time also a text message was sent to the number of an airport official. It has been written in the message that if 20 lakh rupees are not given, then he will blow up the airport. The airport management has informed the police about this. The police is investigating the matter The FIR was not registered till the filing of this report, but the police was informed. Earlier on July 28 and 29 also, threats were made from the same number. The threatening person is still out of the grip of the police. Director of Birsa Munda Airport said that once again there has been a threat to blow up Ranchi Airport. Maybe someone is trying to scare you. However, the airport management is alert about the safety of the airport and the people coming here. Apart from this, the threat case is also being investigated. The airport is also on high alert regarding Independence Day.