Gold mine collapses in China’s Xinjiang province, 18 people trapped, rescue operation underway…


A major accident took place in China’s Xinjiang province on Sunday. A gold mine collapsed here, in which 18 people are trapped. Officials say that a total of 40 workers were inside the mine at the time of the incident, out of which 22 people have been safely evacuated. Officials say that rescue operations are on to evacuate the remaining people. The reasons for the incident are yet to be known.

China is the world’s largest mining industry. It is also the largest coal producing country in the world. However, Chinese mines are considered extremely dangerous. Workers often become victims of accidents due to lack of security here.

19 died in September
In September this year, 19 people died due to the collapse of a coal mine in the Qinghai region of China. Earlier last year, in 2021, two people died in a coal mine in northern Shanxi province.