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When a person is in sleep, he goes to the world of dreams. Every person has different types of dreams. According to Sapna Shastra, some dreams are auspicious and some are inauspicious. Just like many times we have good dreams, similarly there are dreams which open our eyes due to fear. According to Sapna Shastra, dreams give us an indication of future events.

  • According to the dream scriptures, a broken glass indicates the collapse of future plans and hopes, the death of a relative, mental anguish, tears and sorrow. Someone close to you has a double mindset that can hurt you. You should stay away from such people.
  • According to Utopia, if a girl dreams of a broken glass, it means that the people living with her are not well. Women should be aware of these. Often such a picture comes up in dreams before important events in real life.
  • To break a glass in a dream means to find out some secret which is very shocking to the dreamer. Such an image often indicates mental anguish caused by the cunning of loved ones. If you break a glass in your dream it means that you can deceive someone close to you.
  • If you dream of holding a broken glass in your hands, you should be mindful of what you saw in that broken mirror. To see his reflection, where the dreamer smiles or rejoices at something, means that significant changes will take place in reality. They will frighten the dreamer at first, but soon the person will understand all the benefits of the created situation. A sad or fearful face indicates bitterness and despair.
  • According to the dream scriptures to see the reflection of a stranger in a broken glass means that in real life the person needs to think about his behavior, and the style of interaction with loved ones needs to be changed.