Health Minister reached SNCU Ambikapur to know the reality of the death of four newborns


Ambikapur: Health and Family Welfare Minister TS Singhdev and Health Secretary R Prasanna reached SNCU Ambikapur on Monday to know the reasons behind the death of 4 newborns and the role of hospital management. In the presence of Collector, SP, Dean of Medical College, Medical Superintendent, CMHO, Hospital Consultant, HOD and Duty Doctor in Government Medical College affiliated SNCU for about 1 hour, taking detailed information regarding the death of 4 newborns, each aspect But enquired. Describing the death of newborns as sensitive and serious, he directed to take strict action against those responsible and submit the investigation report within 48 hours. He clearly said that whoever’s negligence will come to light in the investigation, suspension action will be taken against him. During this, Raipur’s senior pediatrician Dr. Khandelwal checked the ventilator and warmer of SNCU and took stock of the situation. All the equipments were found to be working properly during the test.
Senior doctors will also be present in night visits- Health Minister, showing seriousness about the situation of senior doctors not visiting at night during the enquiry, now instructed to make a monthly duty chart for night visits of a senior doctor every day and Told to reach soon on call. He directed the Dean and Medical Superintendent of the Medical College to strictly monitor the situation. Along with this, instructions were given to prepare a list of how many doctors of the medical college do private practice and how many are referred to private hospitals.
Activism of the management is necessary – The Health Minister said that the management will have to show activism with seriousness regarding the breakdown of the electrical panels and the lack of activism by the responsible. Whatever problem is there, immediately inform the higher officer and the concerned officer should solve the problem immediately. Problems arising due to administrative reasons and negligence in resolving them on time will not be forgivable. Do not take any work of the hospital lightly. Dr. Ramnesh Murthy, Dean of the Medical College, said that on December 5, 2022, between 5.30 am and 8.30 am, 4 newborns died in the SNCU of Government Medical College, Ambikapur. Four newborns were admitted to SNCU with serious symptoms and were being treated by senior doctors. Dr. Gaurishankar and 7 nursing staff were on duty from 8.30 pm on 4th December to 8.00 am on 5th December. He was treating sincerely. After midnight, at around 1 am, the problem of electric current arose and on being informed by the nursing staff, the electrical personnel arrived and inspected and rectified the fault in the panel. The ups and downs in electric current kept happening due to the load. The electric current became continuous till about 03 o’clock. During this the ventilator continued continuously and never stopped and alternative arrangements were made by D.G. and U.P.S. were working The warmers were working with fluctuations. The relatives of the infants were informed about their serious condition and at 10.30 pm also the relatives were again explained by Dr. Gaurishankar. The infants died of isolated severe symptoms and were not related to electrical shock.
During this, Chairman of Chhattisgarh Labor Welfare Board Shafi Ahmed, District Panchayat member Rakesh Gupta and other public representatives and officers were present.