OnePlus is now all set to add another feather in its cap with the upcoming launch of its affordable smart televisions. The global company is set to introduce three new variants of its TV lineup at jaw-dropping prices on July 2.

In fact, ever since the prices have been teased, tech aficionados have gone on overdrive complimenting OnePlus for understanding the Indian market and bringing products specifically suited to the market. Indeed, the price range of the TV series begins at less than INR 20000, an almost unheard-of price point for owning a smart television in 2020.

The two other variants will arrive with a price point below INR 30,000 and INR 50,000 respectively. The smart TV is expected to arrive in sizes of 32-inch, 43-inch and 55-inch corresponding with the prices mentioned above.

Now, that’s saying something for a company that believes in packing all the latest features and strives to give a premium experience at an affordable price point. In fact, that’s what distinguished OnePlus smartphones from its competitors in its early days. Can it do the same with its smart TVs? It certainly seems so.

That’s because the company hasn’t scrimped on any premium viewing experience while assembling the new OnePlus TV series. Starting with the display, the 32-inch and 43-inch are expected to come with HD and Full HD resolution respectively.

The flagship 55-inch smart TV will come with 4K UHD display. Not only this, it is also expected to be fitted with a Quad-Core MediaTek chipset with MEMC support and Gamma Color Magic chip for enhanced picture quality.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has also said that the OnePlus TV will come with an ultra slim design and a carbon fibre finish at the back with a screen-to-body ratio as high as 95 percent. “To achieve those clean corners, we adopted a special aluminium alloy process. We use one single piece of aluminium alloy to cover the left, top, and right middle frame to give it a more unified look instead of using three separate pieces of metal like many others do,” Lau revealed.

The TVs also sport Dolby Vision certification along with processing enhancements such as super resolution, dynamic contrast, MEMC, colour space mapping, anti-aliasing, and noise reduction. The new OnePlus TV series will feature Cinematic display technology that will offer users an immersive experience.

As for sound, the smart TV is tipped to come with a curved 90-degree speaker arrangement that allows two large full-range speakers on the ultra-thin smart TV.

With futuristic enhancements and thoughtful design, OnePlus has successfully transitioned its ‘Never Settle’ motto on a new product range successfully. All that remains to be seen is when the smart TVs will be available to order.

We invite you to join the global livestream announcing the launch of the new OnePlus TV series on July 2 at 7 PM IST. Be sure to catch all the action by joining the link here.

The writer is an independent Journalist.

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