High court sentenced the woman who falsely accused of rape to plant 50 trees


New Delhi . A learned Delhi High Court judge has directed a Delhi High Court woman to plant 50 trees and take care of her for five years and serve for two months in a school for blind children, in the case of falsely accusing a woman of rape. According to the information received, this woman had filed a rape case against a person after a fight over money, which later turned out to be wrong. The High Court quashed the rape case on the basis of the agreement reached between the complainant and the accused person in this case. However, the court also termed the conduct of the woman as wrong and said that such a trend needs to be stopped.
The court, while quashing the case, said that the conduct of the victim woman is highly inappropriate. The woman herself has admitted that she was going through mental depression, as a result of which a case of rape was filed against the accused on the basis of misguided and wrong advice. Justice Jasmeet Singh of the Delhi High Court ordered the woman to serve three-three hours five days a week in a school for blind children for two months for the offense of unfair conduct and abuse of law. Along with this, he has also been ordered to plant 50 trees and take care of them for five years.