Honey will reduce the accumulated fat in the body rapidly


To reduce the extra fat stored in the body, you can drink the drinks prescribed by Ayurveda. They reduce fat fast and also flush out toxins.
Honey has been used for many different things for centuries. Some people use it to reduce fat and some to increase it. Fresh honey from the beehive increases body weight and is mild laxative. On the other hand, honey which is old helps in the metabolism of fat and eliminates phlegm.

1) Honey is very good for eyes and eyesight.
2) It quenches thirst and dissolves phlegm.
3) It is very helpful in urinary tract disorders, asthma, cough, diarrhea and nausea-vomiting.
4) It is a natural detoxifier.
5) It is good for the heart, improves skin, and is an aphrodisiac.
6) Helps in quick healing of deep wounds.
7) Initiates the development of healthy granulation tissue.

don’t just use
1) Honey should not be mixed with hot food or water.
2) Honey should not be eaten while working in a hot place.
3) Honey should never be mixed with ghee or with hot, spicy food.

how to use
1) If you are using it for obesity, then take 1 teaspoon honey with a glass of room temperature water.
2) Drinking 1 tsp honey mixed with 1 tsp PF turmeric and 1 black pepper will help in curing cough, cold, sinusitis, immunity.