How do you get traffic via Google Webstory? Explained Google Webstory.

How do you get traffic via Google Webstory? Explained Google Webstory.
How do you get traffic via Google Webstory? Explained Google Webstory.

How do you get traffic through Google Webstory? Google Webstory explained.

What is Google Webstory?
Google Webstory is launched in 2018 by the name of “Amp Story”, but now it is promoted as Google Webstory. If you are here, you are here because you have read or heard of Google Web Stories. It’s awesome. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that these are your stories of standard social applications, and they also arrive on the web now, four years late. Even the same on something that now has stories is three years old. So what gives? Current implementations are focused on short lifestyles and extremely weak barriers to creation. This means that they are less often pulitzer material and more often Humblebrag, like me showing a coffee from Dalgona or a successful ramdon.

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We bet that the format of history works beyond the case of ephemeral use and can become its pillar in the landscape of the media. In other words, think of a story like any other distinct publication format on the web, such as a blog article, a video or a podcast. We think they fill a sweet spot between videos and text articles because they are generally cheaper to make than video and, at the same time, more engaging than a text article. They are more structured than a video, so you can jump, go back and forth, and so on, and they are scannable as a text article when they are well done. But there is more that is different in web stories. They do not deserve the web prefix if they were not much more open than their wall of social counterparts.

Okay, great, that should give you a brief overview, but let’s talk a little more about this program. This show exists because the way web stories are used is fundamentally new. In addition to a handful of publishers, there are not many creators on the web who have a lot of experience with this type of narration. Unlike a blog article where you start with the written text, then modify it with images and videos, it is generally the opposite for web stories. In addition, unlike a blog article, unless it is led by an art, web stories require a visual composition, you may therefore have to increase your design skills a little. Therefore, in this article. I shared everything that could help you succeed with web narration or Google web narration.

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Where is hosted by Webstory?
Web stories are yours, hosted on your server, making money and not on the service platform, and can generate traffic to your site, your YouTube account or anything you want. They are also also short -lived or persistent leaves as you wish. Unlike social platforms, no one can dictate the content you create. It’s the web, so you establish the rules. At Google, we are very confident on web stories to the point where we highlight them in several important places and make an additional effort to let them shine. We start on Google Search by triggering a visual block like this with web stories on certain requests, such as “tourist attractions in Xyz Place”. Of course, they also appear regularly in blue links with this beautiful vertical miniature. But we bet that an even more engaging and natural way is to discover web stories.

What does Google discover?
Google Discover is the home screen of the Google iPhone app and develops quickly. Since web stories are open source and not locked on Google at all, any platform or search engine on the web can create experiences around them. I hope to see many more integrations in the coming years.

How do you create Google Webstory?
If you are a WordPress user, you need to install a plugin called “web stories” and after installation, you have a dashboard and create a webstory in this plugin.

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If you are a blogger user, you do not have accommodation, you therefore use “MAKESTORY 2.0”. This site providing accommodation for your webstory. You must create an account on makestories and create webstories.

How to index Webstory on Google? And how to get traffic via Google Webstory?
If you want to index your webstory on Google, you must do certain things that will help quickly index on Google and you also get millions of traffic via Google Discover or Webstory,
Make attractive and engage

  • Make attractive and engaging webstory so that the user clicks on your story and you will get traffic.
  • Make a min. 5 slides and max. 10 slides on your webstory.
  • Do not use contents, images or videos protected by copyright.
  • Write an appropriate story of 250-500 words.
  • You can put the URL of your website in webstory.
  • You are certainly using an AMP page for Webstory.
  • Submit your WebStory website in Google Search Console. If you use Word Press, you will get your site plan on your SEO plugin and if you use Blogger, you submit your site plan manually
  • Make social sharing of your Webstory.
  • It is the real way to generate traffic for your website and it is also organic traffic.

Google Webstories plugin for WordPress?
For the WordPress user, there are many plugins on the market to make webstories, but the “Web Story” plugin is the best for Webstory. It is recommended by Google.

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Google Webstory for Blogger?
If you use Blogger, you don’t have accommodation that you can customize, because in the Blogger hosting service is provided by Google. But you always do Webstory. There are many websites to make webstories for blogger.

  • MAKESTORIES.IO: – Just register on and start.
  • First of all, you create a workspace on Makestory
  • You must invite an administrator or publishers for your webstory.
    Create a new story and be published.
  • After publishing, you get a link. Access the blogger page section and
    Create a page in web history and integrate this link
  • You also get an HTML widget that you can integrate into your blogger website.
    Go to the search console and submit the site site.

How is my webstory presented on Google Discover?
When you create an attractive and engaging web story, you get organic traffic from Google and its index after Google Crawler presents your story on Google Discover.

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