In Deoria, DM sir gave tips for civil examination in class


Deoria. When DM Jitendra Pratap Singh arrived in Deoria district of UP to inspect an inter college apart from his administrative work, a teacher inside him was born and he started teaching the children preparing for the civil examination. During this, he talked to the children in a friendly manner and also gave them tips regarding the civil examination. Actually, the government’s Abhyudaya scheme is going on in the Government Inter College of the district headquarters, where students are taking classes from experienced people to prepare for the civil examination. District Officer JP Singh had reached Government Inter College to inspect this. After reaching here, he could not stop himself and encouraged the children by reaching the class. He told the children how to prepare for the civil examination by making an outline.
Along with this, the District Officer also shared his experiences with the children. He told how he gave the PCS exam in 1996 and then became an IAS. During this, the District Officer told the students studying that first of all they should believe in themselves and do not pay attention to the vacancy. Also study hard and diligently. However, the District Magistrate told the students preparing for the civil examination to have command over the subject from which they are taking the examination apart from general knowledge.
On this occasion, the District Magistrate said that he is very happy that he shared the experience with the children preparing for studies and their own exams. District Magistrate Jitendra Pratap Singh told the students preparing for civil that coaching centers were not very popular in the 1996s. It used to take 2 hours to go to and from the coaching center from his house, so he never took coaching. The time which was used to go and come to the coaching center, he gave that time for additional studies. He said that my sister has contributed a lot for the preparation of civil examination.