In Gujarat elections, Prem, the son of leaders, will be the cause of trouble for the BJP.


Ahmedabad . With the assembly elections approaching in Gujarat, the lobbying for tickets has started. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been in power in the state for nearly a decade and a half, has the largest number of contenders. After this, the leaders are already busy setting their pieces and are running from Gandhinagar to Delhi. However, the ‘family love’ of its leaders has become a challenge for the party which has been attacking Congress’s familyism. Many BJP leaders in Saarushtra want tickets for their sons. After this, political experts believe that the party may have to face a lot of difficulties in dealing with the ‘father-son’ pressure.
According to the news, former minister of BJP government Dilip Sandhani wants ticket for his son. At the same time, Porbandar MP Ramesh Dhaduk also wants to field his son from Dhoraji seat. There is speculation that Babu Bokharia has staked claim for his son from the Porbandar seat. On the other hand, Jairaj Singh Jadeja’s son can be a contender from the Gondal seat. After this, it will be interesting to see how many of these ‘family love’ the party accepts or how they are celebrated.
According to political analysts, the way the BJP has been dominating against the familyism of the Congress, it will be difficult to give tickets to the sons and daughters of the leaders. It is not that the party does not give ticket to the child of a senior leader, but the large number of candidates who are coming forward can raise concerns for the saffron party. At present, it is a double challenge before the party. If the party gives tickets to MPs and MLAs, then its attack on the Congress will be blunt and if their demands are sidelined then many seats may face infighting.
In Gujarat mainly communities like Patidars, Kolis, Thakors have been politically dominant. In proportion to the population, they have been getting priority in ticket distribution. Now the Kshatriya community has also raised the demand for giving tickets according to their strength in the elections.