Instead of increasing for the first time in 15 years, fees were reduced in the state.


Bhopal . The fees for diploma to PG courses running in 109 private pharmacy colleges operating in the state have been reduced from Rs 1,000 to Rs 80,000. This is the first time in 15 years that the fees of professional courses run in private colleges have been reduced instead of increasing. Actually, the Admission Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC) is deciding the fees for professional courses for the session 2022-23. Under this, the committee has fixed the fees for three types of courses running in pharmacy colleges run in the state. In this, the fee of D.Pharmacy course has been reduced from Rs.5 to 17 thousand, while in B.Pharmacy the fee has been reduced from Rs.1 to Rs.41 thousand. Similarly, fees have been reduced from Rs.48 to 80 thousand in M.Pharmacy. No college fees have been increased this time. The committee took this decision with the aim of maintaining quality education and facilitating students. 109 colleges whose fees were fixed. In this, the fees of 36 out of 53 colleges of D.Pharmacy, 48 out of 64 colleges of B.Pharmacy and all 25 out of 25 colleges of M.Pharmacy have been reduced.

Applications were invited from colleges
The fee committee had sought applications from the colleges to fix the fees. In this, information related to the financial data of the college, audit report along with the names of the faculty and their salary was taken. Some colleges could not provide data or provide complete records. In such a situation, the committee fixed the minimum fee (the fee which is fixed for running the new college) of the concerned college or reduced the fees.