Jail officers measured sympathizers of ‘Mahathag’, a nursing staff was caught


New Delhi . The countdown of those who sympathize with Sukesh Chandrashekhar, the jailed Tihar Jail, has started. First the prison officer was measured and now a nursing staff has been caught. Mahathag is locked in Tihar but his actions are continuing from there as well. Jail officials have told that they have canceled the contract of the staffer and now the police are being informed about the incident.
Tihar sources said that the matter dates back to a few days back when Chandrashekhar was admitted to the jail hospital after a hunger strike. An official said, “In May, he was on hunger strike in jail and was demanding to be reunited with his wife. Later he called off the strike and started again after sometime.’ He was put on glucose drip at the jail hospital. Sources said that when he was admitted to the jail hospital for treatment, he came in contact with a nursing staff. Sources said, “The movements of the staff are visible in the CCTV. He can be seen taking a paper from Chandrashekhar, which he was asked to give to someone outside the jail.
Another staff member caught him and when he was questioned about the paper, he could not answer properly. Later, senior jail officials were informed. It was suspected that the accused was going to hand over the paper to someone outside Delhi. An official said that they would inform the police about the incident. Suspicions are being raised that the staffer was already doing such work for Chandrashekhar, the sources said. “He was acting as a messenger or messenger between the thug Sukesh and others,” the sources said. It will be investigated by the police.