Kaliyugi uncle raped 8-year-old niece…


An eight-year-old girl was raped by her own minor uncle in Korba, Chhattisgarh. The matter is of Bango police station area. The hospital police post has prepared the memo and sent it to the concerned police station. According to the information, a young man living in a village in Bango area has three daughters. On Saturday, two daughters were in the house, while the youngest eight-year-old daughter had gone to the forest to graze cattle. A 16-year-old minor lives in the neighborhood of the girl, who calls her niece. It is alleged that while grazing cattle, the minor uncle raped the girl. When the girl returned home, she was very scared and was sitting quietly.

When the parents reached home from the farm in the evening, they saw the girl’s clothes torn and covered in blood. The family got suspicious about this. When he asked, after a long time, the girl courageously informed about the incident. Seeing the condition of the girl, the family took her to Bango Sub Health Center with the help of Dial-112. Where seeing his condition critical, the doctors referred him to the district hospital at around one o’clock in the night. Since then the child’s treatment is going on.