Keep these things in mind before planting plants in the house


Green trees and plants also contribute to fresh oxygen and purify the air. But the principles of Vastu are not followed while keeping plants in the house and if they are placed in the wrong direction, then it has an adverse effect on the members living in the house. Certain specific plants which are considered auspicious for homes should be planted in the same direction as Vastu to get maximum benefits. Plants are directly related to human life because whatever plants emit in the form of oxygen, it is absorbed by humans. Nature affects us in every way, so to get good benefits we should plant specific trees in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, there are certain plants that can bring negative energy into homes and can cause damage and misfortune when they grow up. Therefore, such plants should not be planted in the house. Let us know which are those plants.

cactus plants- According to Vastu Shastra, cactus can carry negative energy into homes. The thorny and pointed thorns on the leaves are believed to carry negative energy. A cactus can bring bad luck to the home, as well as stress and anxiety in the family.

cotton plant- Cotton plants, especially silk cotton plants, are not recommended for indoor plants. Although these icy white plants look lovely when used as a decorative element, they are not preferred according to Vastu Shastra. Cotton plants are considered inauspicious and bring bad luck when kept indoors.

Bonsai Plants- Vastu Shastra does not recommend bonsai plants. Even though they are quite attractive, keeping them at home is not recommended. The lifecycle of the inhabitants will be disrupted as plant growth is inhibited in bonsai plants. You may also experience a slowdown in your career or business.

Tamarind Plants – Tamarind plants attract bad energy, so they should not be planted near or inside the house. They can attract negativity and disrupt mental peace as per Vastu Shastra.

Mehndi Plants- Myrtle or Mehndi plant should not be kept in the house as it is believed that evil spirits reside in these plants. In addition, these plants have a very strong smell, and it can disturb the peace of mind and the whole atmosphere of the house.