Kharmas is going to start from December 16, know what to do and what not to do for the next 30 days


When Sun enters Sagittarius, it is called Dhanu Sankranti. Sagittarius is the fiery sign of Jupiter and the entry of Sun in it gives special results. It is also called Dhanu Kharmas, in which auspicious works are prohibited.

This year Dhanu Kharmas is going to be held from 16 December. After this, when Sun enters Capricorn on January 15, 2023, Dhanu Kharmas will end. Let us know what to do and what not to do in Kharmas.

Do not marry in Kharmas
The biggest aim of any marriage is to get happiness and prosperity. Sagittarius is considered the sign of prosperity. When Sun moves to Sagittarius, it is not considered good for happiness and prosperity. It is said that getting married in Kharmas reduces the chances of getting happiness. During this, apart from marriage, works like Lagan, Griha Pravesh, Janeu and Mundan are also prohibited.

Why don’t you do auspicious work in Kharmas?
Auspicious works like Dwiragman, Karnavedha, and Mundan are also prohibited in Kharmas. Due to presence of Sun in Sagittarius sign i.e. fire house, the situation worsens. The work done during this spoils. If you are thinking of starting a new job or business, then this period is not auspicious for the beginning.

Why don’t you do auspicious and auspicious work in Kharmas?
Starting a new business in Kharmas gives rise to financial difficulties, because at this time your expenses can increase considerably. This time is not at all appropriate to start a business. The burden of debts may increase on your shoulders. The chances of getting the trapped money are very less.

Why not buy property in Dhanu Kharmas
The purpose of creating wealth is to enjoy the wealth happily. It is very difficult to get the happiness of the houses built during the Kharmas period. Your work can also get stuck in the middle. Sometimes there are possibilities of accidents. The houses built during this period are usually weak and one cannot get the pleasure of living in them.

What works can be done in Kharmas?
If there is a matter of love-marriage or Swayamvar, then marriage can be done in Kharmas. Even if Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the horoscope, auspicious works can be done during this period. There is no bond or pressure of Kharmas even on the works which are being done regularly. Seemint or Jatkarma can be done during this period. Shraddha in Gaya can also be performed during this period.