Late night waking increases depression, suicide risk up to 3 times in college students


Boston Nowadays, the practice of studying awake throughout the night is increasing among college students, but this habit is adversely affecting their health. A recent research has revealed that college students who stay awake till late at night are becoming victims of insomnia. They remain frustrated and find themselves alone. Students who wake up late at night also have an increased risk of suicide by up to 3 times.

According to Harvard University neuroscientist Elizabeth Klerman, there are millions of people who stay awake till midnight. Whereas their brain is not able to function like day. Clareman believes that college students have no relatives present late at night to avoid loneliness, despair and suicidal thoughts. Citing Brazilian research, he said that waking up late at night increases the risk of taking drugs by up to 4.7 times. There is also a greater desire for more carbohydrate-rich food at night.

There are many hormonal changes in the brain during the night.

According to Klerman, there are many hormonal changes in the brain during the night. Dopamine is released in high amounts. This also leads to a change in behavior. According to the body clock, the time of day is made for being active and the time for sleeping at night.