Maharashtra man celebrates birthday at cremation ground, cut cake-served biryani…


A surprising case has come to light from Thane in Maharashtra. A person living in Thane, Maharashtra, gave a party in the crematorium on his birthday. Biryani and cake were served to the people who reached the party. More than 100 people had arrived at the crematorium to celebrate the birthday party.

According to the information, the matter is related to Kalyan city of Thane. 54-year-old Gautam Ratan More, who lives here, organized such a strange event on his birthday. More told that about 100 people including more than 40 women and children attended his birthday.

Organized such an event against superstition
More told that he got the inspiration for such an event from social activists Sindhutai Sapkal and Narendra Dabholkar. Both have campaigned against black magic and superstition. More said, he also wanted to give a message to the people that ghosts do not exist in cremation grounds and such places. He organized this party on 19th November at Mohane Shamsham Ghat.