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Misbehavior with a 9-year-old child who came to the wedding ceremony


Updated on 10 Dec, 2022 03:34 PM IST BY KHABARBHARAT24.CO.IN

New Delhi . An attempt was made to rape a 9-year-old Australian boy who had attended a wedding ceremony in a banquet hall. After the child’s father raised an alarm, a crowd gathered and the accused was caught and handed over to the police. This incident is of Mussoorie police station area. Mussoorie police station in-charge Ravindra Pant said that on the basis of the complaint in this case, the accused has been arrested by registering a report.
Evidence is being collected in the case, further action will be taken soon. So far it is learned that the accused was not invited to the wedding, he had come with someone. A family living in Adelaide, Australia has come to an acquaintance’s place in Chhatarpur, Delhi. From there, all had reached a banquet hall in Mussoorie area on Thursday night to attend a wedding function. During this, a person present there took the child with him to the bathroom on some pretext and tried to force himself there. Suddenly the child’s father reached there and caught him. The Australian citizen told the police that a man was following his son around at the wedding function. In such a situation, his eyes were also on her, but the child was enjoying the marriage, so he was just keeping an eye.
During this, he saw that the accused took his son towards the bathroom. Where he was trying to misbehave with her. When they raised an alarm, the people present at the wedding gathered and caught hold of the accused. According to the police, the accused has been identified as Nishant, a resident of Meerut. Other information about this is being extracted. On being caught, he first told the police that he had taken the child to the toilet. Increasing crimes with small children are pointing towards a scary world. Child molestation, rape, assault and murder…- these cases are increasing daily in the capital of the country as well. Childhood is nervous.
Experts working on the rights of children say that children are not safe, those who surround them are known to them and are also unknown. Children are becoming mentally ill either out of fear or audacity. Experts say that the serious flaws of the changing social system, the carelessness-compulsion of the family and the biggest reason is the falling level of education, only immediate and agile work on all these links will be able to stop the cases of crime and the innocent childhood will be fearless. With the increasing cases of rape sexual harassment with children, parents are scared about their safety.