Money does not stay in hand, these Vastu tips will accumulate wealth


According to Vastu Shastra, money never stays in many places by not following many types of Vastu rules. Accumulating wealth becomes very difficult because of this. So we should follow Vastu rules in the house. Here we are telling you, about such tips, by adopting which you can save money.

1. If the door of your house makes noise, then solve it immediately, otherwise it may cause you money problem. Therefore, care should be taken that the outside door should not make any sound at all.

2. If you keep medicines in the house, then keep in mind that do not keep medicines in the north-east of the house. By doing this, the disease does not end in the house, and the problem of money also becomes.

3. If there is a blue color in the south-east direction, then care should be taken to remove the blue color from there. Keep yellow or pink color in this direction. By doing this, money will come in your house.

4. Do not wear clothes of this color- Black color is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. Black color represents negativity. In such a situation, do not wear black clothes to avoid ups and downs in career.