Myanmar’s junta government extends national emergency for six months


Naypydow. The Junta (military) government of Myanmar is going to extend the national emergency implemented in the country for six months. State media reported that Army General Min Aung Huling said the emergency was being extended after unanimous support from the Army’s National Defense and Security Council.
Halling called for the continuation of the multi-party democratic system. Hulling said that the country should continue to strengthen the real and disciplined multi-party democratic system, which is also the will of the people. Significantly, the extension of the emergency has been announced after hearing the death sentences of four prisoners, including a former legislator of Aung San Suu Kyi’s party and a prominent activist. All four have been sentenced to death on charges of cruel and inhuman terrorist acts. All four will be hanged under the prescribed procedure of the jail. However, when and where the punishment will be given has not been told. Many countries have called for global sanctions against Myanmar’s military since the country’s coup.
Myanmar has been condemned by many countries globally since the Junta government’s decision to impose the death penalty. Myanmar’s military has been embroiled in controversy after hundreds of activists demanding democracy have already been imprisoned. Now the United Nations has also lodged a protest against the decision of the death penalty. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called the execution a gross violation of the right to life, liberty and safety of the individual.