New flat will be available free on demolishing the old building


Urban Development and Housing Department prepared re-development policy
In urban areas, incentives will be given to demolish more than 30 old residential complexes and build new buildings.
0.50 more than the existing FAR for residential building and 0.75 FAR for commercial building will be given
Ground coverage will also be increased from 30 percent to 40 percent.

Bhopal, The Madhya Pradesh Urban Development and Housing Department has prepared a re-development policy. It will now be sent for cabinet approval. Once the policy is approved, it will be implemented in the state. Under the re-development policy, an incentive will be given on the floor area ratio and ground coverage in the construction on demolishing an old or dilapidated building built on any land. For this, changes will be made in the master plan and land development rules. The selection of high rise buildings is increasing in the growing cities of the state. At the same time, the old building has become dilapidated. Under the re-development policy, people will get a new and enlarged house. Also, the new construction will be made keeping the environment in mind. In this, incentives will be given to demolish more than 30 old residential complexes in urban areas and build new buildings. This will also include those buildings which have been declared dilapidated by the urban bodies. Due to this provision of the government, people can get new flats in place of old flats free of cost or at a nominal premium in areas where the cost of land has increased a lot. It is worth noting that at present there is a redensification policy for reconstruction only for government lands. Now colonies built by private or development authorities and housing boards will also come under this purview under the new policy. Such provisions are in the states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi etc.

This is how re-development will happen
Under the new policy, the builder will build a new building by demolishing the old building. For this the permission of the Resident Committee would be necessary. The builder will build a higher building and more flats than the old building. Selling them will remove the cost of construction and earn their profit from commercial space.

will get this discount
Under the policy, an additional FAR of 0.50 will be given for residential buildings and 0.75 for commercial buildings. Ground coverage will also be increased from 30 to 40 percent. That is, on a plot of 10 thousand square feet, it will be able to build in 4 thousand square feet. Under the new policy, for the redevelopment of any multi-storey building, first the permission of the residents’ committee will have to be obtained. This committee will be constituted under the Apartments Act. The same committee will contract with the builder to demolish the old building and then build a new building at the same site.

What is FAR
FAR means the total built up area fixed by the government on a plot. That is, if there is an FAR of 1.25 in an area, then one can build one and a quarter times more of the total land there. Like 12500 square feet on a plot of 10 thousand square feet. Now if an additional FAR of 0.50 is available on this, then now the total construction can be 1.75 times or 17500 sq ft. At present the ground coverage is 30 percent i.e. only 3000 square feet area can be constructed on a plot of 10000 square feet. The remaining 7000 square feet area has to be left vacant. Now this area will also increase to 4000 square feet.

This is how you will get the benefit of redevelopment
Right now, if an old building is demolished and then an equal new building is constructed, then the entire cost falls on the residents. Whereas with the exemption of additional construction, now the builder can build more flats on the same land by increasing the height of the building. The construction cost can be covered by selling these additional flats. Also, profit can be earned by using some part of it for commercial use.

so necessary
The trend of multi-storey buildings is increasing in big cities like Bhopal and Indore. Often there are disputes over the demolition of old or dilapidated buildings. Now with the new policy, residents will get new flats without spending, so dilapidated buildings can be easily demolished. With the new construction, sewage lines, water supply lines etc. will also be new, which will reduce the maintenance cost. Many old buildings do not have many facilities like lifts and parking. Many facilities like better landscaping, podium parking, lift will also be available in the new construction. About 50 apartments in Bhopal including Anjali Complex, Shalimar Garden, Janata Quarters, Surendra Place are more than 30 years old. This policy will apply to them.