New sensation of glamour, rising star is model Neerajpriya Dash..


Mumbai | Nirazpriya Dash a new and rising star. Neerajpriya Dash stepping into the limelight of modeling and fashion. He is being called the new sensation of the glamor world. Neerajpriya Dash’s attitude is also similar. Leaving Bhubaneshwar in Odisha, she has now settled in Mumbai and has offers from various agencies. Mumbai’s renowned agency Toabh Talent Management has signed him. Neerajpriya Dash said that it was my childhood dream to become a model and I was preparing myself for it since my school days. Did he find his footing in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and the fast pace of the fashion world? Neerajpriya says on this question – I have just started, you should give some time. I have proved by coming to Mumbai that my intention is firm and I have prepared for it.

Neerajpriya Dash’s journey from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai has been like that of a common Indian girl. He is very conscious about yoga, pranayama and fitness. Her routine is also disciplined and she makes sure to complete her morning session no matter how busy she is.

He has prepared himself a lot for modeling and for this he has made top models his idol. Neerajpriya says that some jobs are easy to get, but in modeling there is a new challenge every day and every time. Here hard work is necessary to make your mark amidst the glare and move forward.