Newly appointed Justice Deepak Tiwari of Chhattisgarh High Court will take charge on Friday


Bilaspur. Chhattisgarh Hi court Of newly appointed Justice Lamp Tiwari Friday To charge Assumption will do. registrar general The Office has Justice Tiwari Of Ovation Of for notification Ongoing do Gave Is. registrar general The Office By Ongoing Notification Of under Friday Of Morning 10:30 time executive chief Justice pacific Mishra Of court In Ovation NS program kept Gaya Is. executive chief Justice Mishra newly appointed Justice Tiwari To Oath Will give

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Justice Srivastava To Today will give Farewell

Chhattisgarh Hi court Of Justice Manindra Mohan Srivastava NS Transfer Top Court has Rajasthan Hi court Of for do Gave Is. registrar general The Office has Notification Ongoing do Farewell Celebration NS Arrangement did Is. Friday To Afternoon 3:30 time Their Respect In Ovation kept Gaya Is. Chhattisgarh Hi court Of tradition Of According For them Farewell Gave Will go This chance Feather Hi court Of judges Of Apart from judicial Officer And Staff, State advocate Council Of officer Of Apart from Senior Advocate And lawyers Of presence Will stay