Non-bailable warrant issued against Minister Sanjay Nishad, instructions to be arrested and presented on August 10


Gorakhpur. The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Gorakhpur has issued a non-bailable warrant against the National President of Nishad Party and the Fisheries Minister of the State Government, Dr Sanjay Nishad. When Sanjay Nishad was not appearing in the court, the court directed SO Shahpur to arrest him on August 10 and present him in the court and issued a warrant for it. Actually, this matter is of June 7, 2015, when Sanjay Nishad staged a protest in Kasarwal of Sahjanwa for the demand of reservation of Nishads in 5% government jobs. During that time, the call of Rail Roko program was given by Sanjay Nishad to his workers. After which thousands of workers from far and wide came to Gorakhpur. First the agitators went to the Kabir Math in Maghar and got their heads done and then went to the railway track and captured it.
The agitators were sitting after stopping the train, and when the police tried to remove them from there, someone threw stones. After which the situation became uncontrollable and the police had to lathi-charge. When the agitators did not agree to this, the police also used tear gas shells and rubber bullets. By evening, the agitators torched several vehicles of common people, including several police vehicles. During this, several rounds of bullets were fired there, due to which Akhilesh Nishad of Etawah, who was hit, died due to bullet injuries and many workers were injured. The police somehow got the situation under control. After that, the then Sahjanwa police station president Shyam Lal Yadav had filed a case against 36 people at the time of Dr Sanjay Nishad. Dr Sanjay Nishad is already out on bail in this case. Sanjay Nishad was not appearing in the court even after repeatedly ordered by the court to appear, due to which the court issued a non-bailable warrant against Sanjay Nishad.
After this incident of Kasarwal, Sanjay Nishad started becoming increasingly active in politics. Tried political luck in the 2017 assembly elections and won only one seat. In the 2018 Gorakhpur Lok Sabha by-election, Sanjay Nishad contested his son Praveen Nishad on a Samajwadi Party ticket. After which history was created in Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat. Samajwadi Party’s Praveen Nishad won the Sadar Lok Sabha seat of BJP. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Sanjay Nishad joined the BJP alliance and got his son Praveen Nishad made an MP from Sant Kabir Nagar. In the 2022 assembly elections, Sanjay Nishad’s party contested with BJP and won many seats. After this Sanjay Nishad was made MLC and then he got a place in the cabinet.