Now a similar law will be made for the city governments in Madhya Pradesh


Bhopal . Now only one law will be made for all the urban bodies in the state. All city governments will operate under this one act. At present, the MP Municipal Corporation Act 1956 is in force for 16 municipal corporations, while the MP Municipality Act 1961 is in force for 98 municipalities and 294 municipal councils. Now a new Unification Act is being made by integrating them. That is, now all 408 urban bodies will operate under the same law.

In fact, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had given instructions in this regard in the month of January last that the process of integration of Municipal Corporation and Municipal Acts should be completed. Two years’ time has been given for this. The Urban Administration Department has given this target to the State Land Reforms Commission where the process of integration of both the laws is going on. According to the commission, each section of the new unilateral law is being revised and submitted to the department by experts in the present context. So far 3 volumes have been discussed and finalized. The commission has sought time from the department for the next discussion. So far, the commission has taken about seven months to prepare this new act and now it has more time till the end of next year. In the new unitary law, 90 percent of the provisions will be of the existing laws and the rest will be added according to the need of the time. Although there are different laws in other states also, MP has taken the initiative to repeal these two laws for more than fifty years and make a new unity law.

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The government is making efforts to strengthen the city governments further. At present, the rules of other states are being studied. Due to the changes that have come with time, it is also necessary to bring changes in the Act of the bodies.

Bhupendra Singh, Urban Development and Housing Minister, MP