On the basis of intelligence input, the security of festivals has been increased more than before.


Bhopal. There is a constant threat to security in MP. The infiltration of first SIMI then JMB and now Popular Front of India in Madhya Pradesh has drawn a line of concern on the forehead of security agencies. After the ban on PFI, the security of festivals has been increased more than before on the basis of intelligence inputs. The Police Headquarters has also issued guidelines, the SPs of all the districts have been asked to make arrangements for extra vigilance and security. In Bhopal, the police force has been increased two and a half times compared to last year due to the danger looming over the festivals. Is. Along with the police force, every suspicious activity is also being monitored through road and CCTV surveillance.

Police alert across the state
Not only in Bhopal, but the police officers in the entire state have been instructed to be vigilant along with increasing the security system. The police headquarters had recently issued instructions but after intelligence inputs received in Bhopal, the security of the festivals has been increased significantly. Intelligence has an eye on the activities of terrorist organizations. Intelligence DCP Vijay Bhagwani said that two and a half times more force has been deployed on festivals in Bhopal this year as compared to last year. The police are keeping an eye on the sensitive areas. Battalions of RAF, QRF, STF, SAF have been sent from Police Head Quarter. Drones, CCTV surveillance will be monitored every step of the way.