Organized workshop on getting national market for agricultural products


Raipur: A one-day workshop on the topic of Chirag Project, Value Addition and Market Access, funded by Chhattisgarh Government and World Bank, International Agricultural Development Fund, was held in the auditorium of Indravati Bhawan, Nava Raipur today. A workshop was organized under the chairmanship of Chirag Project Director Smt. Chandan Tripathi.
Discussions were held about the main production and their market coming in the target area under the Chirag project. Discussion was held about the establishment of agricultural produce based processing unit under Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari and Gauthan. In the workshop, information was given regarding promotion of climate based nutritional support foods. The idea has been envisaged to make the surplus production available in the national level market with processing, branding, standardization, Geography tagging. With this, discussions were also held to provide fair price to the local farmers for their produce and to increase employment opportunities.
In the workshop, discussions were held on increasing production, setting up of indigenous seed bank and getting rid of middlemen to the farmers. Discussions were also held on aggregation of agricultural products, solving the problem of warehousing, technical and entrepreneurship development.
Project Director of Chirag Mrs. Chandan Tripathi spoke in detail on the topics like identifying crops and products on the basis of geographical areas, providing fair price to the local farmer and helping in rural development by increasing the means of livelihood. Nutrition friendly agriculture and environment friendly processing were also discussed. Sahyog Green Farmers Producer Organization laid special emphasis on working mainly in the field of cashew and mango. Information was given on the subject of increasing the area under cultivation, providing benefits to the farmers, marketing of the products etc. It was also considered to sell their products in C Mart and Garh Kaleva.
Establishment and distributor of primary, secondary and tertiary level processing units of products will help in increasing the market.
The members participating in the workshop were given information regarding increasing local livelihood through market and value addition and sensitizing the farmers for grade wise segmentation of the produce.
In the workshop, information was given by representatives from Mahanadi Farmer Producer Organization Kanker, Bhumgadi Farmer Producer Organization Dantewada, Sahyog Greens Women Farmer Producer Organization Jashpur, Original Organic Raipur, College of Horticulture Jagdalpur, ABIS Group Industries, Minor Forest Producers, NABARD.